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Discover why so many people stay at our assisted living community in Tucson, AZ

Camino De Paz Assisted Living, LLC helps seniors take care of daily tasks while forming valuable connections with others in similar stages of life. Our founder worked in assisted living for over 20 years in Seattle before moving to Tucson, AZ and creating this community.

We have a 10-bedroom assisted living home where residents are free to talk, eat, relax and enjoy their twilight years.

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Introduce your loved one to a family environment with us

As people get older, they need more stability and support. It's hard to find that in a clinical or otherwise institutionalized setting. Our assisted living community strives to create a family environment. Residents spend time together in the way a typical family does.

Our staff members are all passionate about helping others. They work hard to form personal relationships and make sure residents feel at home. Because the community works like a family, we have an open-door policy for visitors. You can come and go as you please to spend time with your loved one.

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